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Youtube video editor: Make a video for YouTube, There are a plethora of various sorts of videos posted to YouTube on a daily basis, including compilations, vlogs, dancing routines, gaming highlights, and more. In this article, you\’ll find a simple method for making YouTube videos.

YouTube video editors like Kapwing allow you to edit any YouTube video you own to remove unnecessary stuff. Create your own unique video and then optimize it for YouTube by using the timeline to join various Youtube clips together.

Daily, about 5 billion videos are seen on YouTube by users throughout the world When it comes to sharing their ideas, goods, and abilities, content producers realize they have the ability to build a large following and attract new consumers by using this medium. With so many videos on YouTube, it\’s critical to make yours stand out if you want to achieve the same.

The quality of your video will depend on the equipment you use to shoot and the editing software you employ. Masterful and professional-looking material may be created with a video that has high quality, good lighting, and smooth video editing.

For this, we\’ve compiled a list of the top (free and paid) video editing programs available. The world\’s most popular streaming service is made feasible by the use of all of these technologies.

Useful tool for Youtube video editor

1 Shortcut Youtube video editor

If you\’re looking for an alternative to Windows Movie Maker but don\’t want to pay for it, Shotcut is a great option. For example, the program enables you to edit video material to a set length before converting it, and it includes filters and effects to make your movie seem sleeker. In addition to HTTP, Shotcut is capable of handling RTSP and UDP streaming as well.

Video and audio filters are entirely adjustable in this simple-to-use program, which has a basic interface. And the best part is that you may add, erase, or replace whatever you\’ve made at any moment since editing on Shotcut is non-linear.

2. VSDC is a free video editor for Windows

For YouTubers, VSDC is a good choice since it enables you to import old videos or record straight from your camera, making it an ideal solution. Easy-to-use features include \”Instagram-like filters\” and voiceovers as well as a variety of visual and audio effects that may be applied to images. As a bonus, VSDC enables you to export directly to YouTube or another social media platform.

Using the free version, you must uncheck the box labelled \”Use hardware acceleration for encoding video\” in the \”Acceleration settings\” window that pops up after clicking the cog symbol in the upper right corner.

3. The DaVinci Resolve 15 version

It was compared to Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro by YouTuber Matti Haapoja who specializes in filmmaking processes on his channel (unlike those programs, DaVinci Resolve 15 is completely free). Offline and online editing, color correction, post-production audio effects, and visual effects are all available in DaVinci Resolve 15. Download the free trial now. It also allows you to work with others throughout the editing process, which may be very useful if you have numerous video editors on your team.

It\’s important to note that DaVinci Resolve 15 has a number of SEO-friendly features, including Smart Bins, which filter and display video based on metadata criteria automatically (you can also sort manually). Custom keywords and tags may also be added.

4. LightWorks Youtube video editor

No other program comes close to LightWorks when it comes to customizability and professionalism. Investment in this program will provide you a significantly better user experience than the free trial that\’s offered on the website More than 100 special effects are included in LightWorks\’ media creation features for nonlinear editing of films.

Just like the HD and SD formats, it offers compatibility for 4K resolution as well. Also available are a variety of royalty-free audio and video clips that meet YouTube\’s copyright requirements. There are new social media themes that allow for seamless transitions, thumbnails, and more when posting videos to a variety of channels.

5. Megisto Youtube video editor

For people who are apprehensive about more complicated video editing procedures, Magisto is a helpful tool. An AI-powered video editor designed for novices and beginners is now available. All the user has to do is submit their video and audio files, which the program then handles for them.

Its excellent auto-editing capabilities, including face recognition, filters, and more, may be used on a computer or smartphone. Making films for business on mobile devices has never been easier thanks to Magisto\’s simplified workflow.


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Paid YouTube video editing software

1. Wondershare Filmora9

Video editors of various skill levels may utilize this program, which has been referred to as \”a video editor for all creators\”. Enhance your YouTube videos with Filmora9 by using filters, overlays, transitions, and personalized titles.

Keyframing, background noise reduction, and audio equalization are all included in the tool\’s audio functionality. For those who want to merge various videos into one coherent film, this is a fantastic option since it enables you to import up to 100 layers of material and provides tools for layering your clips.

2. Premiere Pro Youtube video editor

Premiere Pro is one of the best video editing programs you can get your hands on today. If you\’re a YouTuber or a Hollywood director, this program has everything you need to produce flawless videos. Premiere Pro\’s functions include colour grading, data visualization, and audio tools for eliminating unwanted noise.

Additionally, Premiere Rush CC, an app that lets you edit film on your phone and then upload it immediately to your social networks, including YouTube, is now included with the latest version of the software.

This is what Leticia De Bortoli, senior video editor at HubSpot, uses to create killer content. When she edits her team\’s videos, she utilizes Premiere, Audition for sound, and DaVinci for color correcting. Great lighting and audio tools are just a few of Bortoli\’s go-to toolsets for producing crisp movies.

3. VideoStudio Youtube video editor

This video editing program is easy to use even for those who are just starting out in video editing. Everything you need for storyboarding and sound editing in resolutions as high as 4K is included in this program. Using VideoStudio\’s various auto movie creation capabilities.

Such the Highlight Reel generator, makes the editing process much easier for the average user.\” A YouTube channel with the aid of VideoStudio would be an excellent strategy for generating new material.

4. PSN 24: Pinnacle Studio for Mac

For video fans who want to create distinctive and eye-catching material, Pinnacle Studio 24 is the ideal editing software platform. Beyond its basic functions, the Studio Ultimate edition of this program includes 360-degree camera compatibility and VR video editing capabilities.

Pinnacle\’s variety of effects extends beyond the previously stated software by allowing users to produce frame-by-frame edits for increased masking or warping of film for stunning visual effects. Aside from the dynamic capabilities, it can ease screen recording and multi-camera editing, making it ideal for a range of YouTube series formats.

5. CyberLink PowerDirector 365

Monthly updates to PowerDirector\’s video and audio software include new features such as new effects, music samples, and more. Editing your recordings with tools comparable to Photoshop is what sets this program apart from the competition.

Using the same editing interface that you use to edit video frames, you can create vector shape designs in the same way that popular YouTube titles and transitions are created. When you get started with CyberLink PowerDirector, the possibilities are almost limitless.

HubSpot senior video creator and animator David Guerrera also referenced the YouTube channel Film Riot as a source of inspiration when using sophisticated tools to produce distinctive movies. If you\’re wanting to learn new methods for your next low- or high-budget video production, Film Riot is a terrific place to start. \”