What is VLOGGING ?

Vlogging can be a great way to engage with your online followership and find new followers, and if you are n’t a addict of writing it can be an indispensable way of getting your communication out there.

But what\’s a vlog?
Vlog stands for a videotape blog or video log, and refers to a type of blog where utmost or all of the content is in a videotape format.

Vlog posts correspond of creating a videotape of yourself where you talk on a particular subject similar as reporting or reviewing a product or an event. It can indeed serve as a way to partake your cultural process or give a tutorial companion on a creative practice or content. Some vloggers indeed use it as a means to partake new performance art or music they\’ve created.

In fact, just like blogs you can vlog about nearly anything.

The term vlog is also used by videotape pennants or Youtuber’s who do n’t use a blog but post listed updates via other means like YouTube and other videotape websites; their profile frequently promotes them as vloggers. You can also do live broadcasts from social media channels similar as Facebook and Instagram.

Once you produce your videotape (and edit it to make it look and sound great), you can upload it online or bed the videotape within a post on your blog or website so your all followers can see your rearmost update.

How to produce a vlog
You can post your vlog anywhere, but the first step is to know how to make a videotape.
To do this you\’ll need

an intriguing story or content
a recording device, like a webcam or devoted videotape camera – you can indeed use your smartphone!
.a microphone
a good position that\’s well lit without too important background sound
It\’s recommended that whatever device you use it\’ll produce high- quality content. Bad sound or videotape quality will only turn people down.
You might also wish to edit your videotape before you upload it online. Then are some useful apps to help you edit your film or add music, titles, credits or ensigns and much further
for iPhone or MAC you can use iMovie
for Android you can use PowerDirector,
.for PC you can use free software like Windows Movie Maker
We\’ll be participating further vlogging tips and some of our favourite vloggers in our coming post.

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