What is Photo Animation video editing?

Photo Animation video editing: Photo animation Video editing is the process of rotating a picture of your choice from your phone\’s gallery and editing it with animated effects to turn the photos into videos.

Why Photo Animation Video Editing?

As you may know, photo animation video editing is done by combining all the pictures and editing them with different effects to form a video.

You may know that now you don\’t need a computer to do photo animation video editing. With the help of a smartphone, you can make a video with an animated effect by selecting your newly taken photos or photos in the gallery by downloading the apps. Photo animation makes the video attractive to the viewers through editing.

Which application should I use for Photo Animation Video Editing?

The Capcut app will be best for photo animation video editing.

You know this is the most popular capcut app for video editing at the moment. Because with this app you can make the video interesting by applying different effects on the photo, adding different filters, and adding background music during photo animation video editing.

Photo Animation Video Editing Tutorial

1. First you have to download the CapCut app.

2. Then open the app and click on the new project and come to the photos option. Then select 6 photos of your choice from here.

3. After selecting, you will add the photos. Then click on the format option among the many options below and select 18: 9.

4. Then you will return to the back by clicking the back button.

5. Then you click on the first photo in the photo layer and rotate the photo with two fingers. Then you will rotate the photo again with the help of two fingers and apply full screen. This way you will rotate each picture.

6. After rotating all the pictures, remove the watermark on the video and screen. Lastly, by clicking on the simple layer, you will delete it by clicking on the delete option below.

7. Then you have to adjust all the pictures and take all the pictures in 1.03 seconds. In the next step, you have to add a combination to all the photos and for that, you have to click on the first layer of the photo and then click on the animation.

8. Then you have to click on the combo and then set the animation of Pendulum 2 in all the photos and tick it.

9. Then you will come to the camera by clicking on transition in the first photo. Then you click on the transition called pull in and click on the apply to all button below. Then tick. As you can see, a transition pull in effect has been created in each image.

10. Then you click on Overlay and click on Addoverlay. Then you will select the downloaded colour effect overlay on a big screen and click on the add option.

11. Then you can zoom in the colour effect overlay and apply it on the full screen. Then you will select the layer in 0.5 seconds.

12. Then click on Splice to go to Slide and click on the tick mark.

13. After clicking on the tick mark you will go to Animation and then click on Out Animation and select fade out. After ticking, the effect will be added to the photo. Then you will click on the Copy option below to add effect to all the photos. Then set the effect in the middle of all the photos. Clicking on the tick mark will add effects to all the photos and you have to wait till the video is exported by clicking on the save button in the above option.

14. After saving you will come back. Then click on the new project and come to the video option and select the 3-second video in the video description. Then you will select the photo animation video saved by Capcut and click on add button.

15. Then you click on the photo layer, rotate the photo with two fingers and straighten it to full screen.

16. Then click Add audio then add Extracted to add background music.

17. Then you will select the music video downloaded from the screen box and click on Export Sound Only. You will see that the background music has been added to the video. Then play the video and you will see how the editing went.

18. Then save the video by clicking the save button.

Can I do video editing with any other application instead of Capcut app?


Vivavideo is another popular app. With the help of this app, you can edit the picture of your choice just like Capcut. With this app, you can also add background music. Then you can add different filters. You can also add different stickers to the photo.

YouTube Tutorial

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97G-bVAhEOI[/embedyt]


You can make video animation video editing easily and beautifully through the CapCut app. If you follow the rules of the video tutorial given above and open the video link in the description, you will understand how easy and interesting it is to do Photo Animation Video Editing.