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Walker Hayes : It was Walker Hayes over a decade to break into the country mainstream. Besides when he eventually landed a Top Ten megahit in 2017 . \”You Broke Up with Me\” landed with the force of an explosion he said.

Since its parent reader was called smash. This 2017 reader came six times after his full- length debut, Reason to Rhyme, blazoned a promising gift in a bro- country tone, but smash. was fresh work that fused ultramodern R&B, contemporary country, hipsters- hop, and gemstone, publicizing a distinctive gift.

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Hayes consolidated this advance with the clever\”Fancy Like, \”which reached number one on Billboard\’s Country maps in 2021.



Hayes is a native of Mobile, Alabama, born in that megacity on December 27, 1979.He wound up earning a music degree from Alabama\’s Birmingham-Southern College, also attended the University of North Carolina at Tabernacle Hill.

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He and his woman moved to Nashville in 2005 with dreams that he\’d come a professional musician. He inked a song publishing deal and also, on the strength of a rally he recorded for Keith Urban, Hayes signed a deal with Mercury ahead snappily moving to Capitol Records. Hayes released his debut single, \”Pants, \”in 2010, which wound up reaching 60 on the Hot Country Songs map. The full- length Reason to Rhyme followed in 2011, but it did not map.

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Over the coming many times, Hayes worked as a tunesmith, landing placements with Recruit Ford and Rodney Atkins in 2014. Capitol dropped him, so he worked at Costco as he continued to write, releasing the single \”Pimpin\’Joy\” to little attention in 2014. Shane McAnally inked him to SMACK/ Rare Spark in 2016, leading him to release two EPs– 8 Tracks, Vol.

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The song came a megahit, earning gold instrument and setting up the release of the full- length smash. in December 2017. The reader debuted at number six on the Top Country Compendiums map, and peaked at number 37 on the Billboard 200.

Smash did not induce another big megahit and took Hayes a little while to climb back up the maps. The nostalgic\”90\’s Country\” did not crack the Top 40 in 2018, nor did the novelettish\” Do not Let Her\”– pulled from 8Tracks (Vol. 3) Black Sheep, a delinquent effect to his 2016 EPs– in 2019.

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The 2020 single\” Trash My Heart\” also did not map. Hayes eventually returned to the maps in 2021 when\”Fancy Like\” made it to number one on Billboard\’s Hot Country Songs Chart, setting the stage for the June release of his EP Country Stuff.

Walker Hayes has released a videotape for “ Fancy Like” featuring Kesha, who joins him on a new interpretation of the megahit. The clip was shot in Los Angeles and features Walker and Kesha in a “ Fancy Like” world of their own tailgating, skateboarding, and dancing through the thoroughfares.


Walker said, “ This song came out of a discussion about the misconceptions that celebrities or artists live a lavish life, and it’s important for folks to know that’s not inescapably true. I ’m truly about as fancy as Applebee’s on a date night, so creating a videotape celebrating the simple moments in life – suchlike watching a movie or drinking box wine – was important to us. Kesha and I each bring our own performances of‘Fancy Like’to this, and I love how it came together.”

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History (Thursday, October 7th), the\”Fancy Like\” videotape made its broadcast debut with MTV and CMT on MTV Live, MTVU, MTV Biggest Pop, CMT, CMT Music and ViacomCBS Times Square billboards.

Atop every country streaming and deals map since release in June, “ Fancy Like” has spent a whopping 12 weeks and counting at the Number One spot on Billboard’s of his Country Songs. It almost among the Top Five on Billboard’s about of 100 Songs. At country radio, the track is in the Top Five, and it\’s Top 15 at faddish radio.

Walker Hayes norway he is anticipated a song about his eating Applebee’s Bourbon Street. Its was Steak sandwiches and belting a Wendy’s with Oreo frosty on a date to have important attraction. “ Fancy Like” different types of videos like as TikTok videos and Besides he with has family had been making. Including the tracks from his Country Stuff EP. He said that “ I Hope You Miss Me” and “ Country Stuff,” to get through the epidemic lockdown together.

When Hayes posted “ Fancy Like,” featuring him and his son, Lela, dancing to the song on their veranda, the videotape incontinently reached views, and TikTok druggies started uploading their own performances of the Hayes family cotillion.

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“ Fancy Like” was viral and ultimately jumped up the country music maps in the Top 10, pulling in further than5.4 million aqueducts (as of press time) on Spotify.


Firstly written by Hayes, along with Cameron Bartolini, Shane Stevens, and Josh Jenkins after their jotting session converse shifted toward how people frequently have misconceptions about artists — big palaces, fancy buses, and private spurts — they started making together “ Fancy Like,” a term chased by Jenkins during one of their exchanges.

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“ I swear to you, I\’m the slowest pen on earth, but this song just dumps out, like it formerly was,” said Hayes during a recent interview on The Kelleigh Bannen Show on Apple Music Country. “ Also Josh (Jenkins) and I, on the way home, we ’re like,‘Hey, I suppose it needs a ground’and just texted it out, and I laid it down that night.”
YouTubers have since participated “ Fancy Like” dance tutorials, and Hayes joined Hoda & Jenna on and NBC to make their first- ever TikTok videotape, dancing to “ Fancy Like,” while he performed the song ever.

The coming day, Hayes took it to his publishing company, to mixed responses.


And he said that “ I would n’t say resolve down the middle.And there were some people who were like this video song,‘This is crazy, but it makes me laugh, ’” said Hayes. “ And also some people were like,‘This is the biggest song I ’ve ever heard. ’”

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