VN app editing | VN video editor app update

What is VN video editor app?

The VN app is simple to use and free of watermarks. VN video editor nice interactive experience, rapid video material input, and strong editing function will make your editing more productive. A novice may get started fast and produce a satisfactory video. Professionals have met the editing requirements. Everyone can efficiently make high-quality videos and share their great lives with their friends.

The best video app is VN apps. With the help of this app, you can make your favourite video very nice and easily do vn color editing. You can upload videos to TikTok or Likee by using filters from VN video editor to change the background color of your selected video or to change the color of the video pics.

Interactive Human Interface of VN video editor

[ Correct ] Import video to VN editor app with ease using the user-friendly editing interface. Zooming is simple by using your finger. In 0.05s, precisely choose the crucial frame that has to be cut.

[Remove and Sort] Long press clips to drag and alter the sort; swipe up and down to erase the clip. Support for several movies and images combined into a single video with no time restriction.

[Draft Save] Saves each stage automatically and allows you to continue editing an unfinished film at any time and from any location during the editing process.

[Full-Screen Demo] It is simple to preview your work while editing.


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Which application should I use for VN color editing?

For VN video editing, you will need the VN app and Capcut app. With these two apps, you can easily do video editing. Which will be suitable for uploading to TickTock or Likee apps. VN app allows you to add filters to the video with color changes and song bits. You can also do video editing by using animation ads and various effects in the video with the help of Capcut app.




VN color editing Tiktok Likee Tutorial

1. First you need to download the VN app and Capcut app.

2. Then open the VN app and click on the + icon below and click on a new project.

3. Then select the video you want to color and click on the + icon below.

4. Then click on the video layer and you will see a logo of VN at last, by clicking here and clicking on the delete option below, the logo will be deleted.

5. You can see many color effects in the video layer below to change the color in the video. If you want to download the colors.

You can go to the IAT Tech channel on YouTube and watch one of the previous videos. VN color editing download App

Then click on read more and click here all file download link.


6. After clicking, you will come to a site where there are files of all colors. Now you can see the download option by clicking on the first one. Clicking here will download the color. In this way, you will download all the color files. Colors will be saved in your phone\’s gallery.

7. Then go back to VN apps and see the Filter option below. Click here and click on the + icon. Then you will see an option import from the file manager, click here and click on the 3 dot option on the left.

8. Then click on the download option. Here you will see all the filters downloaded. Select anyone from here and the filter will be added immediately.

9. Then right-click on the + icon and click on file manager. After clicking again you can add the filter color of your choice. This way you can add color by using all the filters one by one.

10. After adding, you will go to the back and you will see that all the filters have been added.

11. Now I will tell you how to add filters along with the bit of sound. Play the video and see where the beat of the song is giving, stop there and click on Split in the option below. Then click on the filter, select any one of the colors and click on the tick mark.

12. Then you have to play and see if the filter color has changed with the bit. For your convenience, cut the full video. After cutting, click on the small clips and then click on the color next to the filter and click on the tick mark. In this way, you will add each filter to the video cutting clips.

13. Now play the video and see that the colors are changing with the beat.

14. Click on export to save the video and increase the resolution to full. Then click on the tick mark.

15. Now the video will be saved in the gallery of your phone and then you will see that the video is playing smoothly.

16. To add animation in the next step, you need to go to the Capcut app. Click on the new project here and click on the video that you saved and click on the add option below.

17. Then click on the Delete option by clicking on the Capcut logo at the end of the video. The logo will be deleted.

18. Then play the video and bring it in 6 seconds. Where the color has changed with the bit, come and click on split and click on the next part and click on the animation option below. Then click on In, click on Shake 1 animation and click on the tick mark.

19. Then see if the animation has been added with a bit, color.

20. Then cut the video as before to add animation to each clip. Hold the first clips for 8.1 seconds.

Hold the next clips for 6.00 seconds. In this way, add shake 1 animation according to the bit in each clip. Play and see how beautifully the color is changing according to the beat and the full video editing has been done smoothly.

21. Then click on the icon at the top right and the video will be saved.


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VN color editing app update

We all do video editing using different software to upload videos on different social media or on TickTock or Like apps. VN video editor app & Capcut video editor apps are two of the best apps. That allow you to do VN color editing on videos. You can easily understand how to do Vn color editing using VN video editor app through these tutorials.