Vivacut App best video editing Tutorial Update 2022

What is vivacut App video editing?

Vivacut App video editing is an app for video editing. With the help of this app, you can edit the video very nicely and interestingly to catch the eye of the viewers.

These apps have more features than other apps that you can add and edit videos with the help of mobile.

Why is vivacut video editing done?

Vivacut is an app that allows you to set Hollywood style backgrounds. Video Editing through these apps helps to make a video professional.

In these apps, you will see a lot of features, video blending, filters, interesting video effects and much more. These are useful for video editing so video editing is done with the help of these apps.

Which app should we use for vivacut App video editing?

We can use vivacut apps for vivacut video editing. Because with the help of this app a video is created professionally and with the help of mobile you can edit the video.

Using this app you can add many types of video effects and you can also add photos for photo Animation videos and do video editing. You can also change the video background very nicely and easily using Vivacut apps using video editing tools.

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Vivacut App professional video editing tutorial

1. After installing the Vivacut app, click on + create. Then you have to allow for the first time.

2. Then in front of you will show all the videos and photos in the gallery of the phone. You can also do video editing with photos if you want.

3. Then you will select a video of your choice from the videos. After selecting the Edit clip you will see an option, with which you can cut the video.

4. Then you can go to the overlay option and edit the overlay video.

5. After clicking on the VFX option, you will see many effects, select anyone from here and apply it to the video.

6. You will also see many more effects in the VFX option (Glowskin,
Al Body Lazer) by applying these can make the video much more interesting.

7. Then you can add the video by right-clicking on Overlay. You will fill the screen of the video and click on the layer below to bring the video to the very beginning.

8. Then you need to click FX Plugin. From here you can add the effect of your choice.

9. Then you can increase the video to reduce blur by clicking on blinding.

10. In the following options you will see the Filter option. You can add filters from here.

11. You can then customize the size of the video by clicking on the Canvas option.

12. Once everything is edited, you have to click on Export to save the video and here you can select the 2k, 4k ultra HD as per your choice and fix the video quality. Then your video will be easily saved in your phone\’s gallery.


Video Editing Tutorial,

Which app can I use for video editing instead of Vivacut apps?

Now to make videos we can easily do video editing using smartphone apps and change the video background with the help of smartphones. Those of us who want to do video editing can do video editing using CapCut app. I can use it.

We can choose the CaptCat app for video editing because with this app we can easily edit videos on mobile. After downloading the CaptCat app from Play Store, you can do video editing very nicely by watching the video tutorial given in the post.

What is Capcut pro apk?

The Cap cut pro apk is an online video editing app. It\’s famous for short status videos, TikTok, likee and other social video editor apps. Previously Capcut application was known as the Viamkar app. It\’s a famous video editor application. Cap cut pro apk has lots of animation and Filter effects and also stickers. To make a video professionally.

What do you need to green screen on Capcut pro apk?

  • First – Android Device or Another Device.
  • Second- You need a capcut app. Download Cap cut pro apk.


How to Capcut pro apk watermark remove?


  • Open your Cap cut pro apk online video editor app.
  • Open a Project.
  • Select image or video clip. Then press the Add button.
  • Now open your cap cut pro apk video editor Interface.
  • At the end of all of the video or image layers, you find a Cap cut pro apk watermark.
  • Click the watermark and Below you see a Delete button.
  • Click the Delete button. Now Cap cut pro apk online Watermark is totally removed.


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Then scroll down and click here to download The latest Cap cut pro apk. Happy video editing on capcutpro online app.


The Vivacut app is the best software for video editing. Because with the help of this app you can add beautiful effects to the video, using filters to make the video more glowing. Dear reader, if you like today\’s post, don\’t forget to comment in the comment box! Hope everybody is doing well.