Tutorial on referrals to Likee App | Earn Money from Likee App

What is Likee App?

The Likee app is a short video production platform that allows users to be creative, share films, add music, and utilize filters. The program functions as a video editor as well as a video sharing platform. You may search for various hashtags and view material shared by other people all around the world, with the ability to filter by location.

A phone number, Facebook, or Instagram account can be used to establish a user account. The date of birth is also necessary, although it is not displayed publicly. Users may buy \’diamonds\’ and present them as \’beans\’ in Likee, which has in-app purchases. Which may be redeemed in the app for real money.

 About of Likee App

XP Likee app Levels are used by Likee to encourage users to get more XP. Opening the Likee app every day, viewing or sharing videos, and gaining new followers all earn XP. Alternatively, you might send presents to artists or accounts you admire, or you could get gifts from your followers. In addition, there are no age limits for using the program. Make certain that your children do not engage in unregulated in-app purchases.

This program supports practically all common languages and may be used in several languages. For rapid navigation, you will have four options or tabs. Starting with the Likee Follow button, which will display you all of the popular regional accounts to follow. The second tab displays all of the popular videos, which you can navigate through by swiping down. Swipe right to check out or like the individual who made or uploaded the video.

In Likee, you also have Live and Nearby tabs. The Live page displays all of the live streams from various performers and ordinary folks. You may reward them or send them kisses to increase the popularity of their streams. Users may also compete in versus Matches in the Live area, with the one with the most likes winning. However, it falls short of TikTok.

Click on the download icon above to get the Likee app right now. Running the app\’s Live function may quickly deplete your battery. Please let us know if you enjoyed the app by leaving a comment below. Visit Likee.com to learn more about how your data is used and the Likee app\’s privacy policies.

Tutorial on referrals to Likee App

1. If you have installed the Likee app first, you have to uninstall it. Then enter the referral link and click on Click to try. Then click on participate.

2. After clicking, you will be taken to Play Store and Likee app install
Take it.

3. Then you will go to the profile of the person whose referral link you have entered and you have to log in. Log in with the number you like.

4. After logging in with the password, click on check now. As a result of entering another referral link, you will get 10 tokens with which you can spin.

5. After clicking Check now you can join the event interface.

6. Then click on get Heart points. Any permission will actually allow. Then you can earn 5 tokens. And if you want to invite any of your friends then you can send them your referral link by clicking there. In this case, you can earn 10 points.

7. Then it\’s time to spin. Click on Draw and accept. After drawing in this way, you have to get a gift like 8 idols, then you can be selected in the event of 5 lakh rupees.

8. Then you can learn about the event rules and see what the prizes are. You will get 10 tokens with the help of a referral link and you can also earn tokens by inviting.


How to Download Likee App?


Click here to Download the Likee app- Download now

Then click Install.

Wait some minutes then the Likee app will be installed on your device.