This Galaxy Z Fold 5 Cyber Monday deal has to be stolen goods

Deals that feel too good to be true generally are, but this Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Cyber Monday deal is as legal as they come. Head on over to Best Buy’s website and you can get a Galaxy Z Fold 5 for 800 off right now, and you do not indeed have to trade anything in for the deal!


The only trick is that you will have to spark it moment, so be sure to scroll down to the pricing options section and elect spark moment.


That also means you could walk out of a Best Buy in the coming many twinkles with a brand new Galaxy Z Fold 5 for nearly half off and not indeed feel bad about it. Just make sure you accelerate in case Best Buy realizes this is a mistake and ramps the price back over!


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 requirements little preface, but then is a quick overview in case you are not super familiar with Samsung’s rearmost big folding phone.


The Z Fold 5 is packed with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, which is both 30 faster and runs cooler than the processor in the Z Fold 4. That powers both gorgeous displays — one cover display that is like a altitudinous, narrow phone, and the inner display that is like a tablet — and gives the phone a unique look and feel.


But the star of the show this time is the new hinge, which folds fully flat and makes the phone sense mainly thinner and satiny than former generations. Those all folded into a wedge shape, leaving room for oodles of fund fur to get in and dirty up that lovely inner display.

Samsung Slim S Pen case for Z Fold 5$99.99
Samsung Slim S Pen case for Z Fold 5$99.99$51.25 at Amazon

Eventually! Samsung figured out how to get an S Pen in a Galaxy Z Fold without adding a giant hump on the reverse. Not only that, but it’s 48 off for Cyber Monday!


Plus, Samsung used the phone to launch a brand new S Pen design that is slimmer than the former Fold-compatible S Pens while being much bigger and easier to use than the bitsy thing that comes fitted inside the Galaxy S23 Ultra.


So long as you do not mind buying from two retailers, Amazon has the stylish price on the Slim S Pen case, which will both cover your phone and add a clever new Slim S Pen right on the reverse. That makes it extremist accessible for taking notes on a vagrancy and, since you use the large inner screen to take write on, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 can come your oil for anything you can suppose of.

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