How do I resolve this Registry Editor issue that does not work in Windows 11, 10 10.

The Registry Editor could be the tool that which is utilized to correct the problem within Windows System. It\’s the key to the registry that, if properly adjusted will fix the majority of problems.

In rare situations, it\’s likely that Registry editor could also fail.


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A large number of users have stated that they experience this error when searching for a key that\’s not available within the system. If you attempt to end your search program, it is stuck, and even if it doesn\’t work, you may stop the search but it will freeze with the error message.

Registry Editor is no longer working.

The most important reason behind this error is due to the dimension that the subkey is. If the subkey\’s size exceeds the limit of 255 bytes, this error is likely to be noticed. Sometimes , it may be caused by malware or virus.If you\’re experiencing this issue within your own system don\’t get in a panic. In this article, we\’ll examine solutions to this issue.

Method 1 Change the name of this file regedit.exe before opening it up again.


  1. Open Your Windows Explorer Window by pressing your keyboard keys: Windows + E.
  2. Copy-Paste this location and press Enter.


  1. In the new window Scroll down until you locate it. Then click on regedit32.exeicon.
  2. When you find the icon, click it, then right-click and select Copy.


You can also open this regedit32.exe file and hit Ctrl + C keys to save the document.


  1. Start the Desktop and transfer the file to the Desktop.
  2. Select the document and then hit the F2 key to change the file\’s name.
  3. Change the name to something different than regedit32-test.exe. Say, regedit32-test.exe
  4. 2 click on this file to open it.

It is likely it\’s the Registry editor is open.

If this is helpful in resolving the issue, then.


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Fix 2: Run an SFC and DISM Scan


  1. Start the Run dialogue by hitting Windows+Rat at the the same time.
  2. Enter command and hold the keys Ctrl+Shift+Enter to open your Command Prompt in Administrator mode.
  3. If you are on the User Access Control Prompt that appears click\”Yes.
  4. Inside the Command Prompt window, which is open, you can enter the command below and then press Enter.

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /restore health


  1. Be aware that scans can take many minutes to finish. Be patient.
  2. Once the scan is completed. Once the scan has been completed, you are able to restart your computer.
  3. The Command Prompt will appear again and then type in your command as follows:
  4. In the terminal window type in the following command.
  5. After that press Enter SFC scanned.
  6. Make sure to take your time until the scan is complete.
  7. Then, you are able to start the process again.

Make sure the issue is fixed.

If that doesn\’t work, you may try a system restore to restore the system to the previous state. It is crucial to remember that this method works only in the case where the restore point has been created prior to the date.

That\’s all.

We hope you found this piece useful. We appreciate you making the effort to go through it. Let us know the solution you came up with to fix the issue. Also , tell us about the difficulty you\’re facing. We\’ll more than willing to assist.

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