The Best Switch Games Of 2024 According To Metacritic

Nearly seven times into its lifecycle, the Nintendo Switch has cemented itself as one of the topmost consoles of all time. While we are still waiting to see when a successor will be officially revealed, there is no denying that Nintendo’s mongrel gaming system feels like it’s reaching the end of its time. Challengers are showing up and the limits of its tackle are getting more apparent, but if this is the twilight of the press, it’s going out with a bang.



We have gathered up the data on the most critically acclaimed games of the time from our family point Metacritic, and while some games were an egregious addition, we also had quite a few surprises when counting the figures. Traditional part-playing games continue to be a big megahit on the Switch, but unexpectedly, so are visual- novels, mystification games, and remasters. One of the crucial strengths of the Switch is that it’s a flexible machine that has an incredibly varied selection of games to enjoy, and this list is just the tip of the icicle for what is available on it.



The Legend of Zelda Gashes of the Kingdom

Unsurprisingly, an effect to one of the stylish Legend of Zelda games of all time snappily shot to the top of the Metacritic maps when it first debuted in May. Gashes of the Kingdom improves on the 2017 game while retaining the explorative rudiments that made it such a smash hit six times agone. Throw in an unequaled sense of creativity with all the new tools that Link can use, the plenitude of freedom to use them to their full eventuality, and admiration- inspiring dungeons to dive into, and it’s no wonder that Gashes of the Kingdom surfaced as one of the highest- rated Nintendo games of all time.


Metroid florescence Remastered

The mark of a truly great game is that it can be as a playable moment as it was when it first arrived. Metroid Prime Remastered is proof positive of that statement, as beyond the quality-of-life changes and crisp HD illustrations, this is still a pregnant experience that has progressed well over the once 20 times. Metroid’s first 3D adventure became the stuff of legend when it first landed on the GameCube in 2002, and Metroid Prime Remastered is a befitting time capsule that preserves that magic for new generations.


Super Mario Bros. Wonder

There is been no deficit of Mario games over the last couple of times, but it has been a long delay to see Mario lace up his thrills for a more traditional 2D adventure. Super Mario Bros. Wonder was worth the delay, as Nintendo’s favorite son bounced into the GOTY discussion with a game that’s constantly surprising and painlessly fascinating. The new Wonder Goods are a giant-sized spanner that shakes up the Super Mario Bros. formula in all the stylish ways possible, each new stage is a creative wonderland, and online multiplayer adds to the fun in this hypercritically drafted adventure.

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