What is Slow Motion Video Editing?

Slow Motion Video Editing: Slow motion video Editing which we can say is slow video. Slow motion video editing relies heavily on the camera. When the camera is capable of recording high-quality frames per second, the more slow motion the better.

 When a video is shot and edited much slower than a normal video, it is called slow motion video editing. However, for good quality slow motion video editing, you will need high quality and good model camera.

Which application should I use for Slow Motion video editing? 

If you want to do professional slow motion video editing with your mobile, then you don\’t have to use any expensive software for that. Because you can get good quality apps from Google Play Store with which you can do slow motion video editing very easily. 

Currently the most popular for slow motion video editing is the Capcut online app. With the help of this app you can make the video interesting by adding slow motion video editing, effects add, audio add, resolution set up and many more. 

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What is Capcut pro apk?

The Capcut pro apk is an online video editing app. It\’s famous for short status videos, TikTok, likee and other social video editor apps. Previously Capcut application was known as the Viamkar app. It\’s a famous video editor application. Capcut pro apk has lots of animation and Filter effects and also stickers. To make a video professionally.

What do you need to green screen on Capcut pro apk?

  • First – Android Device or Another Device.
  • Second- You need a capcut app. Download Cap cut pro apk.


How to Capcut pro apk watermark remove?


  • Open your Capcut pro apk online video editor app.
  • Open a Project.
  • Select an image or video clip. Then press the Add button.
  • Now open your capcut pro apk video editor Interface.
  • At the end of all of the video or image layers, you find a Capcut pro apk watermark.
  • Click the watermark and Below you see a Delete button.
  • Click the Delete button. Now Capcut pro apk online Watermark is totally removed.


Click Here to Download capcut pro apk



Then scroll down and click here to download The latest Capcut pro apk. Happy video editing on capcut pro online app.



Slow motion video editing tutorial capcut online

When you add Slow Motion to the video from the Capcut app, it is often seen that it becomes slow with music. So if you want to make a video for tiktok, likee, shoot the video with the camera of the phone. Do not shoot videos with TickTock or Like\’s camera.

  • Download First Capcut Online Video Editor App. Click Here –
  • First you will shoot the video with the camera of the phone and then you will go to the Capcut app.
  • After opening the Capcut app, click on a new project.
  • Then select the video you shot.
  • Then you will click on the video layer and you will see the Volume option among the many options below. You will set the volume level to 0. Besides, if you click on Unmute option next to the video, the video sound will no longer be there.
  • Then click on Audio to add music to the video, then click on Extracted and select any music of your choice.
  • Then click on the music to move to Match out to add slow motion. Where you want to add slow motion, click on add bit and add.
  • Then you will see a yellow icon at the bottom. Click here and click on the video layer. Split as much as you can slow motion.
  • Then click on Speed ​​and go to Normal. Then add slow motion speed according to your choice.
  • Then the problem is in export. Click on the Export icon at the top right. Then set up Resolutions according to the support of your phone. But always keep the frame rate 30. Click on Export in Next. You will see that your video has been saved in the gallery and you can post the video on Tiktok or Likee.


The Captcut online app is the best software for slow motion video editing. Because with this app you can add beautiful effects to the video, use animation, make the video more glowing, as well as add music to the video. Dear reader, if you like today\’s post, don\’t forget to comment in the comment box! Hope everybody is doing well.