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What is Short stories for kids?

Short stories for kids are exciting and entertaining methods to teach your children about morality and proper behavior. They are in their formative years as children, which is why they need to be educated with excellent values in order to be a good fit for society and family.

You won\’t have to spend any money on these free moral short stories for kids if you don\’t want to buy them in bookstores. Our online short stories for kids are jam-packed with life lessons that your child may use in real life. These short stories for kids English stories not only entertain but also educate youngsters on a variety of topics. You may help your child develop morals and enhance his reading comprehension by reading a short tale from this website every day.

When it comes to moral-teaching stories for children, there is no need to seek any farther. With the aid of our children\’s short stories for kids with moral teachings, you may groom your youngster into a better, more responsible adult.

Some Short Stories for kids


1.The Boy Who was Cried Wolf Wolf


Short stories for kids: Once upon a time, a youngster grew bored while watching the community sheep graze on the hillside. To amuse himself, he yelled, \”Wolf! Wolf! \”The wolf is on the search for the sheep!\”

When the villagers heard the wolf\’s scream, they raced up the hill to drive it away. When they arrived, however, there was no sign of a wolf. When he saw their furious expressions, he was amused.

\”Don\’t shout wolf, boy,\” the locals admonished, \”when there isn\’t a wolf!\” They stormed back down the hill, furious.

Later, the shepherd boy yelled again, \”Wolf! Wolf!\”\”The wolf is on the search for the sheep!\” He watched and amused. Bus as like as the people rushed up . Till the hill to scare the wolf away.

When they discovered there was no wolf, they stated sternly, \”Save your terrified cries for when there is a wolf!\” \”Don\’t cry wolf when there isn\’t one!\” The boy grinned , As if they struggled down the hill again and again.\”

Later, the youngster noticed a genuine wolf creeping among his sheep. Alarmed, he jumped to his feet and cried as loudly as he could, \”Wolf! Wolf!\” The villagers, on the other hand, felt he was fooling them and did not rush to their rescue.

The villagers went seeking for the youngster who hadn\’t returned with their sheep at dusk. When they got to the top of the hill, they found him sobbing.

\”There was a wolf right here!\” The flock has vanished! \”I yelled, \’Wolf!\’ but you didn\’t come,\” he lamented.

An elderly guy went to console the kid. \”Nobody trusts a liar, even when he is stating the truth!\” he remarked as he wrapped his arm around him.


2. The Fox with Grapes

Short stories for kids: When a fox went to look for food one day, he grew quite hungry. He looked around but couldn\’t locate anything he could eat.

As his stomach grumbled, he came upon a farmer\’s wall. He noticed the largest, juiciest grapes he\’d ever seen at the top of the wall. They had a deep, purple hue, indicating to the fox that they were ready to be devoured.

The fox had to jump high in the air to get the grapes. He opened his lips to capture the grapes as he leaped, but he missed. The fox tried again and again. In this time he failed.

He tried a couple more times but failed each time.

Finally, the fox decided it was time to call it quits and return home. \”I\’m sure the grapes were very sour any others foods,\” he grumbled as he was go away.


3. The Milkmaid and Her Pail

Short stories for kids: One day, Molly, the milkmaid, had filled her pails with milk. Her duty was to milk the cows and then sell the milk at the market. Molly enjoyed deliberating about how to spend her money.

She thought about all the items she wanted to buy as she filled the milk pails and walked to the market. She debated buying a cake and a basket full of fresh strawberries as she walked down the street.

She noticed a chicken a bit farther down the road. \”With the money I acquire from today, I\’m going to buy my own chicken,\” she reasoned. When the chicken lays eggs, I\’ll be able to sell milk and eggs and make extra money!\”

\”With more money,\” she said, \”I\’ll be able to buy a gorgeous outfit and make all the other milkmaids envious.\” Molly began skipping out of joy, completely forgetting about the milk in her pails. The milk soon began to pour over the rims, enveloping Molly.

Molly, drenched, said, \”Oh no! I\’ll never be able to afford a chicken once again.\” She returned home with his two empty pails foods.

\”Oh, my gosh!\” \”How did you end up?\” Molly\’s mother inquired.

\”I was too busy about day dreaming about all the items. I wanted to buy to see the pails,\” she was explain.

\”Oh, Molly, my darling. \”How many times doing the work, I have to tell you later, \’Don\’t count his chickens till they hatch?\’\”


4. The Golden EGG

Short stories for kids: A farmer once owned a goose that lay one golden egg every day. The farmer and his wife were able to meet their daily necessities thanks to the egg. For a long time, the farmer and his wife were content.

But then the farmer had an epiphany: \”Why should we only take one egg a day?\” Why can\’t we just grab them all and earn a lot of money?\” The farmer described his proposal to his wife, who agreed foolishly.

The farmer was swift with a sharp knife the next day, as the goose lay its golden egg. He slaughtered the goose and sliced up its guts in the hopes of finding all of its golden eggs. But when he opened the stomach, all he discovered was intestines and blood.

The farmer instantly recognized his blunder and sobbed over his lost resource. The farmer and his wife got poorer and poorer as the days passed. How jinxed and stupid they were.


5. The farmer and Well

Short stories for kids: When a farmer was seeking for a water supply for his land, he purchased a well from a neighbor. The neighbor, on the other hand, was astute. The next day, when the farmer arrived to get water from his well, his neighbor refused to let him.

When the farmer enquired as to why. \”I sold you the well, not the water,\” the neighbor replied as he walked away. The farmer, outraged, petitioned the monarch for justice. He explained what had happened.

Birbal was called, one of the emperor\’s nine smartest courtiers. \”Why don\’t you allow the farmer to drink from the well?\” Birbal asked of his next-door neighbor. \”Didn\’t you give the farmer the well?\”

\”Birbal, I sold the well to the farmer, but not the water,\” the neighbor said. He lacks the legal permission to get water from the well.\”

\”Look, you have no right to keep the water in the farmer\’s well because you sold it,\” Birbal pointed out. You have the option of paying the farmer rent or taking it out straight now.\” When the neighbor realized his scheme had failed, he apologized and went home.

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