Samsung Galaxy S24 – All We Know Days Before The Launch

Floundering to find a good compact phone? In just a many days, Samsung is unveiling three new Galaxy phones and among them, the vanilla Galaxy S24 model promises a compact size, each- around refinement, big performance upgrades, and indeed a sprinkle of magical” Galaxy AI.



Compact then is a relative term at 6.2 elevation, the Galaxy S24 is nowhere near as small as mini phones of recent history, but in 2024 when utmost phones come with giant 6.7-inch defenses, it fits the bill.



still, this new Galaxy S24 is a bit bigger than last time’s 6, If we’ve to be indeed more specific- inch Galaxy S23 model, but in exchange for that, you get a new design along with quite a many other advantages. So let’s take a look at all the new features and see why the Galaxy S24 could well be the stylish compact phone of the time.

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