Preparing for Your 2022 Virtual AGM – A Checklist

Virtual AGM: Due to corona, travelling, huge gatherings, and other activities are restricted in order to keep the people safe. Moreover, every organization has its annual general meeting that has now been shifted to the virtual world. It will be the easiest way to gather all the stakeholders and conduct a virtual AGM in this restricted era.

All you need to do is, start searching for the best virtual AGM platform. It should provide you with numerous tools and elements to maintain the seamless interaction, engagement, and communication between the virtual event attendees, exhibitors, stakeholders, and speakers.

You require a proper features checklist to pick the best virtual event platform for your virtual AGAM. Here’s a list you can consider to find the best virtual AGM platform.

  1. Engagement Tools: You can get several engagement tools with the best virtual AGM platform. For instance, games and leaderboards are the best ways to engage your audience. On the other hand, you can make the sessions engaging by providing the hoot, clap, heart, like, and more emoticons to attendees, through which they can share their feelings with the speakers.
  2. Networking Tools: You can add various features to increase networking at your AGM with the right virtual event platform. For instance, you can get AI-matchmaking, virtual networking tables, live audio/video 1:1 or group chats, business card exchange, and more for your virtual event.
  3. Interactive Tools: Your virtual event attendees, exhibitors, and other stakeholders should get features in order to communicate with each other during the event. For instance, you can offer Q&A sessions, live polls, and surveys to gain stakeholders’ feedback and opinions.
  4. Briefcase: Attendees can use the feature briefcase to bookmark all the important sessions in the virtual AGM. It can be beneficial to store the data in their briefcase for most proficiency.
  5. Document Downloader: All the virtual AGM attendees, exhibitors, stakeholders, and other users will be able to download the various provided documents, PDFs, Sessions, Flyers & more essential information. These documents downloaded from the virtual AGM platform can be referred to in the future.
  6. Document Library: Virtual AGM attendees can easily view and download the documents provided on the virtual event platform. It is fully accessible via the document library.
  7. Document Presentation: The speakers at your virtual AGM may require to share some presentations during their session. Document presentation is a feature that enables the speaker members to present their work just like they have done on a physical event.
  8. Microsite: It is essential to display the complete detail of every minute that a user might look forward to or the information that can attract more users. A microsite is a place that puts everything together, from the registration page to highlights of your virtual event. It uses an attractive format & makes it easy to understand the entire event idea.
  9. Introduction Guide Video: This video is an introductory guide to help the members and stakeholders understand the aspect of your virtual event better. You can get an entire event space through this animated video.
  10. But not only picking the virtual event platform is your last action. You have to prepare a lot in order to organize a successful virtual AGM. So, here is a complete list of checklists that you should follow while conducting a virtual AGM in 2022.


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Check for Technical Issues

  1. Get your attendees to access to the right software & devices required to participate hassle-free in your event.
  2. Ensure the technology you are using is working appropriately by taking a test run.

Get the Right Balance

  1. Provide shorter virtual break-out times between discussions for the members and shareholders.
  2. Build proper time for comfort breaks.
  3. Ensure the meeting can be held effectively by deciding the agenda size, item ordered and sending the information packs to the stakeholders and members.
  4. Avoid screen fatigue by deciding the meeting length in advance.

\"Preparing Preparing for Your 2022 Virtual AGM – A Checklist

Know the Mode of Notice Sharing

  1. Decide the format to give AGM notice, whether a hard copy or electronic one.
  2. List the stakeholders & members ready to receive the notice via email.
  3. Ensure to provide enough notice of the AGM, especially if delivering notice electronically. Follow the rules shared by the constitution as it may have a different service period to post.
  4. If you have any special resolutions to be set out in the notice, include them in your mail with a full wording of the explanation to be passed.

Finalize the Information & Questions to Include in AGM

  1. Decide if there will be any presentations during the AGM.
  2. Finalize the way to deliver the information.
  3. Decide whether you want any captions or sign language included in your presentation to be accessible for any particular attendees.
  4. Give access to documents, the annual report, etc., to the attendees at the same time as they access the AGM.
  5. Finalize the indicator for the attendees when they wish to speak.
  6. Know the portion of the meeting to record in order to share the content with the attendees on-demand after the virtual AGM.
  7. Decide the right way to handle the questions, whether asked by the members or stakeholders.
  8. Inform everyone if you want the questions to be submitted beforehand.
  9. Finalize when you want the attendees to raise questions during the live meeting. Also, when to publish the answers for the asked questions.
  10. Have a clear chat protocol. Add all the 1:1, group, and live chat features in advance to your virtual AGM.
  11. Make it clear whether the attendees can chat with other event attendees, sponsors, or exhibitors and will the virtual meeting host get access to view those chats.


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Make the Attendees Aware of Voting Method

  1. Decide and share the method of voting with the attendees. Whether the proxies, show of hands, poll, or other modes.
  2. Ensure you choose the best virtual AGM platform that provides you with an audience poll option for voting.

So, this is a complete checklist that can be helpful for you to organize a successful virtual AGM this 2022. All you have to do is pick the best virtual event platform in order to get various tools and features in your meeting. It will help you maintain interaction, communication, and engagement with the attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to prepare for your virtual AGM 2022!

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