Meitu App video editing tutorial | Meituan 2022

What is Meitu App?

On the Google Play and APP Store stores, Meitu is a highly rated picture and editing software. It boasts a global user base of more than 100 million people. Meitu is one of the top photography applications for Android and iOS phones, proving one thing. Your skin and face appear to be aged and unattractive. Allow Meitu to blow them away. Aids in the maintenance of a lustrous, smooth, and youthfully attractive complexion.

Meitu App is a picture editing tool that allows you to add hundreds of different effects and filters to your photos. You may also make cute collages with many photos by selecting from a variety of layouts.

There are four primary elements of Meituan. The first allows you to edit images using standard tools such as color correction, brightness and saturation adjustments, and so on Meitu App. The second tool allows you to apply the finishing touches to your images, like lengthening your legs, erasing acne blemishes, or changing the color of your eyes.

You may make collages with many different photographs with Meitu App third function. You can also work on your composition while editing the photographs on meitu phone. Finally, the last feature allows you to shoot photos directly with filters applied.


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Meitu App video editing tutorial

1. First you need to download the Meitu app from the Play Store for video editing.

2. Then open the Meitu app and click on video editing and click on the video that you want to edit and click on start.

3. Now to change the background color, click on the filter, select it and click on the tick mark.

4. Then you have to cut the video according to the background music.

5. Click on the video layer and click on the option cut below. Then cut the video according to the places where you will add animation.

6. Then by clicking on the number of cuts in the video, you can go to the animation option and add as you like.

7. Then click on the filter option to change the video background color with the animation, add the filter of your choice and click OK. Now you will see that the background color will also change with the animation.

8. In the next step, to give effect to the video, click on the effect option below and by clicking on Trending, go to Dynamic, select any effect of your choice and click ok.

9. After adding the effect in the first video cut, to add the same effect in the next cut, by clicking on the copy option below, the effect will be added. Then you can add any effect of your choice by clicking on add effect to add a different effect in the next part.

10. Then add a different effect to each cut of the video and click on it.

11. The last thing you need to do is click on the toning option below and then click on the vignette. Here you can increase or decrease it at will. Then click on Apply to all, and click on the tick mark. You will see that it has been added to all the cutting parts of your video.

12. Then click on the save option above to save the video and the video will be saved in your phone\’s gallery.


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Highlights from Meitu App for phone

Take a picture by Meitu App

With Meitu App, you can become a celebrity. There are three primary options to work within the selfie with meitu app. You can use style to refer to the beauty theme template as an optional tool. Style has a wide range of current and classic themes to choose from. There are also many wonderful historical patterns that can be found. Make up your face and add more accessories.

Behind the scenes retouching

The images are already in your library. You want to make an impression on everyone in the room with your photo. Meitu phone app is a fantastic tool for making stunning portraits.

Meitu App is based on the preferences of its consumers. The software includes and adds all of the capabilities needed to edit images on cellphones. The templates for creative themes are updated on a regular basis. You don\’t have to be a pro photographer to do this. In just one second, Meitu provides a selection of art filters, posters, and cinematic incarnations.

Manual adjustment is supported to assist narrow the face and creating a Vline chin. Adjust that place if you wish to be compact! In Meituan , you can add a variety of picture collage frames and fonts to reflect your own individuality!

Artificial Intelligence Recognition

Meitu phone App is built on cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. Create distinctive textures for your portraits with ease. Transform images into drawings to become the protagonist of a comic. This is a one-of-a-kind feature that everyone adores!