What is a the lyrics text video? Best video Editing Tutorial

Lyrics text video: We listen to different types of songs every day like Bengali, English and Hindi. Many of us have the habit of listening to the song as well as singing the song. It is often seen that the song is not going to keep pace with the song because it is not fully known. That\’s why we are making a lyrics text for a lyrics text video.

Why is the lyrics text video done?

The lyrics text video is made so that we can sing along with the song. At the same time, we can easily master the words of the song by looking at it. We can search YouTube and watch the lyric text videos of different songs. As a result of making these videos, we can see the lyrics of the song, play the song and master it.

Which app should we use for lyrics text video?

Now to make lyrics text videos we can easily do video editing using apps with the help of smartphones. For those who want to make lyrics text videos, we can do video editing using capcut app. We can use the CapCut app to edit the lyrics text video because with this app we can easily edit videos on mobile. Download the CapCut app from the Play Store and then watch the video tutorial in the post and make the lyrics text video very nicely. You can.

How to make a velocity edit on capcut?



Lyrics text video editing tutorial

1. You must first download the Capcut app. Then open the app and select a new project and then you have to go to the photo option. If you do not download the capcut app click here.

2. Then you have to download the black photo. You have to select a black photo from the photo option and click on add.

3. In the next step you will see a format option in the options given below, click here and select 16.9. Then increase the black background as much as you want to make the video and move it back.

4. Then you will click on Audio in the following options and then click on Sound. Then you will see an option from the device. Click here and select the song lyrics you want to create your choice.

5. You select the song and click on the + icon, bring the song down and then you can trim if you want. Then you have to come back.

6. Then you have to write the lyrics of the song, you can play the song and listen to the lyrics. Then you have to click on the text option below and you have to write the lyrics on the keyboard. Then you can make the text box smaller and larger if you want
You will see below that there are many stylish font options for writing. Select any one of your choices and click on the tick mark.

7. Then you will see many animations below. Select your choice, increase or decrease and click on the tick mark.

8. Then select the lyrics that you have written as far as the song says.

9. You will see an option to copy in the following options. To write the second line of the song by clicking there, if you want, you can copy the texts of the song that you have chosen by Google lyrics search and paste it by clicking on the 2nd layer. And if you want, you can make the text smaller or larger. In this way, you will copy and paste the 2nd and 3rd lines along with the song. In this way, you can save the video by fixing the rest of the lines.

10 Then you have to go to the 2nd app i.e. Node video. Click here + click on the option and then go to the media option and click on the video. Click here to watch the video that you saved from CapCut apps and click here.

11. Then you have to go to the effect option by clicking on the + option. Then you need to select the 3rd option. You can change the colour by clicking on the glow option and the pencil option. Then you can customize the options under glow in different ways as you wish.

12. Then to bring the effect of rain, go to the + option and click on Asset Store and click on the Raindrops option. Then reduce the blur option in this option. If you want more rain, you will see the layer options below, turn them on. You can see the effect of lots of rain in the video.

13. Playing the video will show that the video is stuck, so you have to save the video by clicking on the save option. Then you will see how beautifully the lyrics video is being played with Capcut.


New Lyrics Video Editing in Capcut App

Which app can I use for video editing instead of Capcut?

Kinemaster is an app that lets you easily edit lyrics text videos. Kinemaster is able to do all the work for video editing. Kinemaster app allows you to make lyrics text videos via mobile without a computer. With this app, you can write lyrics text, work effects, editing options, add different filters, etc.


Capcut Pro app is the best software for making lyrics text videos. Because with this app you can add nice effects to the video, use raindrops, make the video more glowing. Dear reader, if you like today\’s post, don\’t forget to comment in the comment box! Hope everybody is doing well.