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Luis Ruelas video:  New Teresa Giudice Fiancé Footage & More Evidence: The most dramatic episode of the most popular reality program \”The Real Housewives of New Jersey\” is causing a stir on the internet. One such interesting episode, which aired on Tuesday, sparked several debates.

On Tuesday night\’s Season 12 conclusion of TRHONJ, Joe Gorga indicated that there must be \”some truth\” to the allegations of abuse levelled against Luis \”Louie\” Ruelas. Gorga, 42, requested Ruelas, 46, who was directing at the time the cast was gathering in Nashville.

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Luis Ruelas video

\”I was 35 years old when I got divorced, and I was completely befuddled.,\” said Luis Ruelas video , who is now engaged to Gorga\’s sister, Teresa Giudice. Then I had a few horrible and destructive relationships with thirsty, desperate, low-life ex-girlfriends.\” Gorga pointed out that Ruelas might have been in unpleasant and poisonous relationships, but it doesn\’t explain the flood of alarming charges about his history.

\”You may have been in a bad relationship,\” Gorga explained, \”but the tales are always coming.\” Those stories must have some truth. \”Some of them, correct?\” Ruelas subsequently claimed that he wasn\’t always \”this crown of a person\” and that he had \”made his own mistakes\” in past marriages. \”I accept responsibility for it,\” Ruelas said, adding that he \”was not abusive.\” The entrepreneur then shifted the discussion and told Gorga that meeting Giudice, 49, had transformed his \”life.\”

Luis Ruelas Video New Footage

\”I just want to promise you that I would always be there for her. That I would never let her down, no matter how many sleepless nights. I was spent trying to create the right person in my life,\” he said. I will adore her every minute of the day because she deserves it.\” Gorga saw this comment as Ruelas asking for permission to marry his sister, a gesture he appeared to enjoy. \”\”Listen, if you\’re asking for her hand in marriage, go ahead and do it,\” he said.

Gorga said in a confessional why he offered Ruelas his blessing despite the unfavourable headlines surrounding the latter. \”Yes, Louie\’s realization that he wasn\’t perfect. \” However, what he is doing right now is vital. And, because my father isn\’t here, I appreciate Louie\’s civility in asking,\” he told the camera. \”He understands what it is to be a family, therefore I\’m pleased for them.\”

Ruelas has been accused of being -obsessed, aggressive in previous relationships, and having illegal troubles due to allegedly unlawful business operations.

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What exactly is the Luis Ruelas video?

Teresa\’s co-stars wasted no time in discussing Louie and THAT video in the RHONJ season 12 premiere. The video reappeared around the time the program was shot in the summer of 2021. In the video, businessman Louie is shown bare-chested, surrounded by shirtless males he refers to as his \”brothers.\”

He\’s standing on the beach and looks to be speaking to one of his ex-wives, whose name is unknown. \”I\’m returning home to visit you, get engaged, bring our family together, and eventually get married and build a life together,\” Louis says in the video.

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\”\”I cherish our children, and I hope you fully get this message,\” he ended. Thank you so much; I adore you. Thank you for your consideration. I hope this touches your heart. … And I desire to return home so that I may chat to you and share my life experience with you.\”

What has been said about Luis Ruelas video?

Teresa\’s co-stars all had something to say in Season 12 Episode 1 as well. Traci Johnson described the film as \”bizarre\” and a \”red flag,\” while Jackie Goldschneider described it as \”strange.\” Melissa Gorga, Teresa\’s sister-in-law, described it as \”wild.\” Jennifer Aydin described it as \”weirdo s**t.\”

What exactly has Luis Ruelas video said?

Luis Ruelas video has yet to address the video in public and has not commented on where or when it was shot. Teresa, on the other hand, defended her boyfriend to her costars and was enraged when they brought it up. \”Listen, that\’s part of his background, so he doesn\’t owe anyone an explanation,\” Teresa said to Margaret.