Latest & New Android Mobile Phones Price List 2024

As technology continues to evolve rapidly, the smartphone market remains at the forefront of innovation, offering consumers a plethora of choices when it comes to selecting their next mobile device. In 2024, we anticipate the launch of several new Android mobile phones, each promising advanced features, enhanced performance, and sleek designs. Let’s take a closer look at some of the latest offerings and their expected price ranges.


1. Samsung Galaxy S35 Series:
Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S series is expected to introduce its latest iteration, the Galaxy S35 series, in 2024. Anticipated to feature cutting-edge specifications such as high-refresh-rate displays, powerful processors, multiple camera setups, and 5G connectivity, the Galaxy S35 series is likely to cater to the premium segment of the market. Prices for the Galaxy S35 models are expected to range from $800 to $1500, depending on the variant and storage capacity.

2. Google Pixel 7 Series:
Google’s Pixel smartphones are renowned for their exceptional camera performance and clean Android experience. The Pixel 7 series, set to debut in 2024, is expected to continue this trend with improved camera capabilities, faster processors, and seamless integration with Google services. Prices for the Pixel 7 series are likely to start from $700 and go up to $1000, depending on the model and specifications.

3. OnePlus 12 Series:
OnePlus has established itself as a formidable player in the smartphone market, known for offering premium features at competitive prices. The OnePlus 12 series, slated for release in 2024, is expected to uphold this reputation with flagship-level specifications, including high-refresh-rate displays, Snapdragon processors, and Hasselblad-tuned cameras. Prices for the OnePlus 12 series may range from $600 to $900, catering to a diverse range of consumers.

4. Xiaomi Mi 12 Series:
Xiaomi’s Mi series has gained popularity for delivering exceptional value for money, and the Mi 12 series is expected to follow suit. Featuring top-of-the-line specifications, including Snapdragon processors, AMOLED displays, and advanced camera systems, the Mi 12 series is likely to offer compelling options at competitive price points. Prices for the Mi 12 series may start from $500 and extend up to $800, depending on the variant and configuration.

5. Realme GT 3 Series:
Realme has been making waves in the smartphone market with its GT series, known for offering flagship-level performance at affordable prices. The Realme GT 3 series, expected to launch in 2024, is anticipated to continue this trend with powerful processors, high-refresh-rate displays, and versatile camera setups. Prices for the Realme GT 3 series may range from $400 to $700, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers.

With the continuous advancements in technology, the smartphone market is poised to offer an exciting array of choices for consumers in 2024. Whether you’re looking for premium features in flagship models or value for money in budget-friendly options, the latest Android mobile phones are expected to cater to a wide range of preferences and budgets. Stay tuned for official announcements and reviews to make informed decisions when selecting your next mobile device.

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