Kacha Badam Tiktok Likee most viral video editing tutorial by capcutpro app

Kacha Badam Tiktok Likee : Hello friends, I hope everyone is well and healthy. A new video editing tutorial has come to you. There are currently videos on the awesome trending topic of Likee and Tiktok.

Kacha Badam Tiktok Likee most viral video

We can\’t edit all those videos. Or how many of us do not know how to edit. Today I will show you how to edit the awesome trending video of Likee and Tiktok. Request to read today\’s post in its entirety. Because we have tried to write each one neatly. If you try to edit by following the steps, then you will be able to edit trending videos.

Kacha Badam Tiktok Likee Trending Video Editing Tutorial


We need to install a software to edit trending videos. The official software on our website is through CAPCUTPRO software. Those of you who have not downloaded the CAPCUTPRO Video Editor software must download it from the download link below.

Kacha Badam viral video Tutorial Steps


First we will enter the CAPCUTPRO Video Editing software. Upon entering we will see a plus icon like the image below. I will click on the plus icon.

Then we will click on the photo. After clicking, we will select 10 to 11 images from our gallery. For the convenience of our video editing. You can take more or less if you want. However, I would suggest taking 10 to 11 pictures.

We will set the timing between the photos. At the same time I will try to arrange the pictures in a row in order to make our video beautiful. After that there is a watermark at the very end of the CAPCUTPRO software. We will delete it from the video clip.

Now we will work out what kind of audio can be set up in our video. For this you have to choose a video between TickTock or Like which is on the trending video. We can choose any audio we want. Once the audio or video selection is done, we will click on Add audio. After that there is an option called Extracted, I will click on it.

We will select the video or video that we have selected for the sound work of our video editing. After that I will click on import sound only. At the same time that sound will be automatically added in our video.


Then we have to place our pictures well based on the video sound. And we have to control each bit and place the pictures nicely. Then we can use the effect to make the video beautiful if we want.

Below is a complete video tutorial on trending video editing. Everyone is requested to watch the video. Below are links to various instruments in the video as well. So that you can do the job of video editing very easily.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wh70JhgEeLE[/embedyt]

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