I think I’d really love Galaxy S24’s AI features

It’s only been a couple of weeks, but AI is the big buzzword of 2024, and Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series is laying big on the tech. And, kindly surprisingly, the Galaxy AI suite is relatively good, but the problem I’m facing so far is that the Samsung apps they’re tied to aren’t bones I want to use.



On the Galaxy S24, S24, and Galaxy S24 Ultra, Samsung has a suite of a bunch of AI features. Some work on- devices while others are powered by Google’s Gemini models in the pall, but the whole suite is ignited throughout Samsung’s experience. Chat Assist lives in Samsung Keyboard, Paraphrase Lift is in Samsung’s Voice Archivist apps, and so on.

I’ve been testing the Galaxy S24 Ultra for the past many days, and I’m rather happy with Samsung’s work on these AI features. That said, I’d presumably like them all a whole lot further if they weren’t ignited into apps that I don’t want to use.

My main illustration then comes with Samsung’s Chat lift features. These features can restate dispatches in any messaging app, help you better express your dispatches, or help out with spelling and alphabet. To Samsung’s credit, it works well! But do you know what doesn’t work veritably well? Samsung Keyboard! Autocorrect is rough as it constantly ignores when I undo a “ correction, ” and it’s lacking in simple features I’ve come to calculate after times on Gboard, like GIF insertion. I’m forcing myself to use a Samsung Keyboard to try out these AI features but, I don’t want to. And the voice-to-textbook is impressively bad. Google’s voice-to-textbook on Pixel phones enough much puts everything additional to shame, but I’ve had some of the worst, least accessible typos this week while forcing myself to use Samsung’s keyboard.

Another place I’m chancing myself floundering to use Samsung’s apps is the Gallery app.

There’s a lot of really cool AI going on in Gallery, but since that app doesn’t hold all of the prints I take on my other bias like Google Prints does, I don’t find myself wanting to use it. Samsung Gallery syncs with OneDrive, which is good, but given Samsung’s tight cooperation with Google, it’s a little disappointing that I can’t do the same with Google prints( though I’m sure Google is incomplete to condemn then).

also, I would love to start using Samsung Notes as its AI summaries feel useful, but because it’s not available on non-Galaxy bias, that’s simply not going to be.

Samsung’s apps aren’t inescapably bad but are not for me. These AI features are really good, but they don’t make the apps they’re attached to any drastically better, and, as a result, I suppose Samsung is going to be fighting a battle to change stoner habits for these features. That’ll be an especially tough sell when these features are paid for in the future too.

Alongside the Galaxy S24 launch this week, Google blazoned Circle to Search, a new point coming to the Galaxy S24 series and Pixel 8 series, and latterly to further bias. A long- press of the home button or gesture bar launches a Lens- suchlike point where you can circle objects on the screen to get results. It’s an enough emotional- looking point!

Meanwhile, the coming step for Google Assistant, “ Assistant with Bard, ” might not be released without some changes. As our APK Insight platoon discovered, “ Assistant with Bard ” branding has faded, with the whole thing now just being called “ Bard. ”

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