How to Use Lunapic Photo Editor?

Lunapic Photo Editor: When a picture is altered by an expert, it has the capacity to draw in and fascinate the viewer. The primary features and capabilities of Lunapicphotoeditor will help you achieve such outstanding outcomes.

Images may be saved in a variety of formats with this application, including PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and JPG. This picture may also be saved on cloud storage sites like Google Drive. Excited yet?

Your altered photographs may be shared on social networking networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and other websites thanks to the Lunapic editor\’s user-friendly interface.

The URL of any picture may also be entered into this editor and you can begin modifying it right away.

You may use this tutorial to learn how to use Lunapic picture editor fast and easily if you\’ve never done any photo editing before. What are we waiting for?

How to Use Lunapic Photo Editor Like a as Pro

You may learn a lot about picture editing in this area, including quick tips and tricks you can put to use right away. With only a few mouse clicks and swipes, you may transform a single picture into something completely new. You\’ll learn a lot from this course!

A. Use Auto Crop. B.Photographers must make sure their subjects are correctly aligned in order to capture the attention of their viewers. In order to get ideal alignments, cropping the picture is important.

Cropping a picture is a standard function in most photo editors, but Lunapic\’s auto-cropping feature sets it apart. With this Lunapic Photo Editor crop feature, the picture\’s subject may be aligned in the middle to automatically modify the ratios.

Cropping the image manually is an option if you\’re not happy with the results of the auto-cropping tool.

As a result, auto-crop comes in handy when you don\’t have the time to manually adjust the aspect ratio and frame boundaries. It\’s fantastic!

Lunapic Photo Editor auto-cropping function

Clean Up the Backdrop

Do you realize that a drab and uninteresting backdrop may completely impair the creative value of a photograph? Make sure that the backdrop you choose for your photos is both attractive and acceptable.

You may, however, utilize Lunapic\’s \”Auto Background Remover\” online to quickly remove any unwanted backgrounds from your photos.

The Lunapic transparent background offered by this utility may also be used to make the backgrounds of photographs clear and translucent.. That\’s encouraging!

Make use of Blemish Eliminator.

A blemish or pimple on your face makes you hesitate to share a photo to your social media account?

As a result, the Lunapic online picture editor has developed a beauty tool that can erase scars, pimples, or any other kind of imperfection from the face organically and effectively.

The imperfection on your face just has to be pointed out, and the gadget will instantaneously eliminate it, leaving you with a pristine selfie. Definitely a fantastic choice!

Take use of the blemish-removal tool.

Change the Color

When it comes to changing a certain hue in a picture, Lunapic has made it feasible for its customers. To do this, go to the \”Color Picker\” tool and choose any of the available colors. The utility automatically adds the selected color to the picture when you touch on it.

Picker for color

Alternatively, you may choose \”Change Color Tint\” from the Lunapic Photo Editor color changer\’s drop-down menu for a more subdued impact on your picture. Remember to choose a hue that complements the subject matter and mood of the photograph you just took. Let me know what you think about it!

The image\’s color tint may be altered


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Add Effects for Animation

Have you ever experimented with the animation features of a picture editing program? With Lunapic\’s online picture editor, you have access to a plethora of eye-catching motion effects. The polaroid pile, rainfall, old movie effect, snowfall, disintegration, and pixilation are all examples of animation effects.

You don\’t need to use an extra animation tool to make your photographs more dynamic and exciting by just selecting your chosen animation effect. Sounds great to me.

Incorporate Colorful Borders Into Your Design
You can\’t have a comprehensive photo editing experience without adding some eye-catching borders.

When using Lunapic Photo Editor, you\’ll have a variety of border choices to pick from based on the picture\’s theme and genre. Glass button, frame, vignette, smartphone photo, and many more choices are available for the borders of the images..

With its border tool, you may create a custom border for your image by hand. You have complete control over the border\’s thickness and color using this specific tool. Adding a 3D border to your photographs may give them a sense of depth. Try it if you haven\’t already!

Incorporate creative picture borders onto your photos.

Put the Paint Bucket to Good Use

Interested in learning more about drawing and painting supplies? Paint bucket features are available in Lunapic Photo Editor picture editor for users to experiment with. There are several designs to pick from when using the paint bucket option.

Including flowers, canvas, grass, marble, money, bricks, and a slew of others. Once you\’ve chosen a pattern, you have the option of customizing the color palette and level of transparency.

The pattern and color you choose will immediately be added to your picture when you touch on it. Aren\’t things wonderful?

Characteristic of a paint bucket

The Use of Personalized Watermarks
However, watermarks on the photographs may be used to prevent the images from being duplicated, but you can also own that image in its entirety.

Lunapic Photo Editor allows users to personalize watermarks by choosing the color, font, style, and size of the watermark themselves. Using this tool, you can also quickly adjust the watermark\’s location and alignment.

With a few clicks, you can add your own custom watermark to the picture. You can even alter the transparency rate of the additional watermark.

If you want your watermark to stand out, make sure you choose an unusual mix of colors and typefaces. Consider giving it a whirl, however!

Add a watermark with text

Include Eye-Catching Captions People may utilize the photographs as Instagram and Facebook stories by adding captions to them. Bloggers also publish photographs with captions incorporated in them on their blogs.

Lunapic Photo Editor allows you to choose the font and color of the text you want to use as a description for your photographs.

Filters and effects that change as you work
Any photo editor would be incomplete without filters and effects, which have the power to transform the look and feel of a picture.

Using the filters and effects included in Lunapic\’s photo editor, you may further define your photograph\’s message and purpose. Investigate the many filters available in the Lunapic editor, including night vision, HDR lighting, soft lighting and neon effects, among others.

Lunapic Photo Editor neon filter

Check out the effects that this tool has to offer if you\’d want to add some flair to your images. Each time you take a picture, you may create a unique image that can be used for a variety of applications. This is exactly what I was looking for!

Lunapic Photo Editor color glitch effect

As a last note, the Lunapic Photo Editor is no different from any other well-known and reputable program. In truth, you don\’t need to pay for a membership or obtain professional knowledge to utilize this application.

In order to get the most of this tool and avoid encountering any problems, we\’ve compiled a list of helpful hints in this post. Please give it a go.