Why you need to add Twitter feeds on WordPress Website?

Why you need to add Twitter feeds on WordPress Website? 

Making website content that connects and converts the audience is the main objective of marketers and brands today. But, the touch of uniqueness and the conversational tone is often missed in website content, which is why the website visitors leave the page quickly. To avoid such problems with your website content, you can make it interesting by adding Twitter feeds.

Twitter is one of the most influential and conversational social media platforms. Adding Twitter feeds to WordPress website will help you in more ways than you would have thought. Here are the top benefits of using Twitter feeds on your website.

Benefits of some Twitter Feeds to WordPress Website

1. Increase user engagement and interaction

Engagement is one of the biggest challenges for most websites, as most visitors exit the website without exploring the full page content. In such cases, Twitter feeds act like an engagement magnet as they attract the audience to read the content. The Twitter feeds also bring your website visitors to your Twitter account, thus allowing you to gain more followers and engagement on Twitter and enhance your social presence.


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2. Enhance website content and presentation

When the website layout and content presentation is attractive, it looks professional and give a good impression to the reader. It also helps attract the attention of the viewer for longer. You can also make your website more presentable with a Twitter feed widget on the website.

People use the photos of their tweets on different platforms because it looks professional, so you can imagine how the Twitter feeds would look professional on your website as well.

3. Improves SEO results

Twitter feeds help increase audience engagement and the dwell time of the website. It gives the search engines a positive signal. Since your website visitors stay on the website for a good amount of time, then it shows your content is relevant to the users, and that’s why the search engines will be rank you higher on the google search results.

If you keep updating your Twitter feeds with the latest content, then that means your website content is updated regularly. It again is a positive signal to rank higher on the search results as the search engines rank updated and relevant content on the top.

4. Social proof to create trust

Tweets by your customers and followers for your brand are a great tool to show social proof. It shows that other people find value in your products and services or the work that your brand does. Social proof has a bandwagon effect and attracts more people because a few others are doing it. By showing Twitter feeds as your social proof, you are attracting more customers to engage and believe in your brand.

Winning the trust of your potential customers is one of the essential stages if you want to convert them into customers. And adding user-generated content, i.e., Twitter feeds, to the website makes it easy for you.

5. Establish Sound Customer Brand Relationships

As we discussed, Twitter is an interactive platform, and it can help you make strong customer-brand relationships. When you engage with your customers on Twitter and reply to their tweets, it helps them feel appreciated and more connected to your brand.

Even if you are resolving a query or just making a conversation with your customers on Twitter, it matters to them. It helps build sound customer-brand relationships and shows all your customers that you are a brand that believes in customers’ benefits first.

6. Repurpose Social Media Content and Free UGC

Twitter feeds of your brand’s page & UGC are valuable, and you can repurpose this content for your website. Since the Twitter feeds content is readily available, you don’t have to put much extra effort and time into adding them to your website. It’s like giving minimum effort for maximum results.


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How can you add Twitter Feeds to your WordPress Website?

There are two ways to embed Twitter content to your WordPress website:

  1. Using a social media aggregator tool
  2. Using Twitter’s official embedding tool – Twitter Publish

The best option for you is a social media aggregator tool because it is very easy to use. You can save time by automating the procedure. Social media aggregators also enable you to customize, moderate, and analyze the Twitter feeds you add to your WordPress website. Such features are not available when you use the Twitter Publish option.

Over to You

Twitter is one of the direct and open communication platforms popular in the world. Twitter interactions are considered authentic forms of content, and adding relevant Twitter feeds to your WordPress website will help you grow your website results immensely. Be it the rise in engagement, conversions, improvement in brand presence, SEO results, and rankings.

Going forward, we recommend that you embed Twitter feeds to your website and start leveraging their untapped potential in growing your business.

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