FIFA World Cup 2022 – FIFA world cup 2022 schedule

What is FIFA World Cup?


FIFA World Cup which is basically known as Football World Cup. Known to many as the World Cup. All international countries (which are members of FIFA) participate in the Football World Cup and there is an organization of these FIFA members. Here male football players from all countries participate through selection.

When does the FIFA World Cup start?


Since the international football governing body is named FIFA, the name FIFA has been added to the World Cup. The FIFA World Cup football competition was first started around 1930. However, due to World War II in 1942 and 1946, it was not possible to host the FIFA World Cup.

Note: The FIFA World Cup is usually held every 4 years at different venues.

Jules Rime was the FIFA president in 1930. He organized the first football World Cup in Uruguay. Football teams or organizations from all FIFA member countries are invited to this World Cup. However, European countries\’ football organizations have to travel across the Atlantic Ocean and spend a lot of money to come to Uruguay. Because of this they did not agree to send their footballers to Uruguay. A total of thirteen countries eventually came to Uruguay to take part in the competition. Jules Rime managed to bring 2 football teams from Europe, 7 from South America and 2 from North America ie 13 countries.

On the first day of the FIFA World Cup, the first two matches between these four countries (USA-Belgium) and (Mexico-France) were held. France and USA won the match. Argentina and Uruguay face each other on the final day. But Uruguay won the World Cup by defeating Argentina with a margin of 2-4 goals.

Apart from men, FIFA also organizes football world cup for women. The first Women\’s World Cup was held in China in 1991. But the competition is as serious as it is in men, but less serious in women. But nowadays women\’s FIFA World Cup has become popular with everyone. Also the number of women\’s football teams participating in the FIFA organization has increased. Because after 1991, 120 national football teams participated in 2007, which was twice as many as before.

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FIFA also organizes several other competitions. Like- FIFA Club, U-17, FIFA Beach Soccer, U-20 FIFA World Cup.

The most important and main attraction of the FIFA World Cup is the trophy, which is the main reason for awakening the desire to compete among the participating countries of FIFA.
This gold-plated trophy is awarded to the winning team. The World Cup trophy also has a little history, which goes without saying.

Previously, until 1970, the trophy awarded to the winning team of the World Cup was known to the public by a name. In 1946, the World Cup trophy (Jules Rime Trophy) was named after the FIFA president, that is, Jules Rime.

Then in the 1970s, when Brazil won the World Cup again for the 3rd time, they were given the gold trophy permanently. But sadly the World Cup trophy was stolen in 1983. Later it was not possible to bring it back.

However, after 1983, a new design of the World Cup trophy was invented, which was named the FIFA World Cup Trophy. Experts from 7 countries presented around 52 designs to select the new trophy. And from here Italian designer Silvio\’s design was recognized as the new design of the World Cup trophy. The new FIFA World Cup trophy is made of eighteen carat gold and has a maximum height of thirty six centimeters.

The names of all World Cup winning teams since 1974 have been inscribed below the trophy. Since the trophy has been stolen, no winning team is allowed to keep it permanently. But only before the next World Cup (up to four years) can the winning team keep the trophy. The World Cup winning team is then presented with a gold-plated fake trophy of the same design as the original trophy.


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About FIFA World Cup Teams


Usually FIFA selects the number of teams or football teams from which countries to participate in the World Cup competition. This competition is divided into 2 parts. One is the selected episode and the other is the main episode. Every team participating in the FIFA World Cup first has to participate in the qualifying round. After selection from this phase, total 32 teams

Participated in the main phase or final phase.


Each team is divided into 4 groups for a total of 8 groups. According to FIFA World Cup ranking, the top 8 teams and other teams are placed in 8 different groups. Then, the different teams are selected for the finals according to their ranking by lottery. If any team loses in this phase, they are eliminated from the competition. Each match in the FIFA World Cup lasts 90 minutes and after the runners-up stage, the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finally the final stage are held.


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