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What is the cloud effect?

We all want our videos to be much more interesting. If we want to make the cloud in our video background more beautiful and eye-catching, then if we want we can make the background beautiful by changing the cloud with the help of effects through apps.

Why is the cloud effect done?

Cloud effects are usually used to make the video better. Would it be nice to see if the background of the video you captured was white or cloudy? So in the background we need a cloud effect to create a glimpse of white clouds in the blue sky.

Which application should I use for Cloud Effect?

We can use the capcut app for cloud effects. Because using the capcut app we can easily edit video or photo backgrounds with the help. of cloud effects. We can make it more attractive to the viewers.

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Video Editing Tutorial on Cloud Effects

To add a cloud effect you need to follow the rules of the complete video tutorial below.

1. To add a cloud effect, you first need to download the CapCut app.

2. After opening the Capcut app, you need to select a new project for video editing.

3. Then you have to select a new video and then click on the add button.

4. In the next step, play the video that you have selected, come to the end of it, click on the watermark, delete the watermark by clicking on the Delete button.

5. Then you will see an option below Overlay. Click on Addoverlay by clicking here.

6. After clicking, you will see many videos and photos of Cloud Effect on your phone screen. You can download these photos or videos from Google or YouTube.

7. Then click on the ad with your favorite video or photo. Then set it with the photo or video on your screen by zooming.

8. In the next step you have to click on Mask option and then click on Sprit. You will then scroll down this option, which you will see in the photo.

Then you will see that the sky is set and click on the tick mark below. Also set the sky.

9. Return to the Back option and after clicking on Addoverlay, select the video or photo that you first selected for editing and then click on the Add option.

10. Then you zoom in and set the photo on the screen well along the screen. Your video editing will not be perfectly beautiful if not set well.

11. Then you have to click on Remove Background in the following options and you will see that the background of the screen is being removed.

Once removed and played, you will understand how realistic video editing looks. If any additional part is seen in the video then you can delete it by clicking on Sprit and clicking on delete button.

12. Then if you want to give a cloud effect of another background, you will see many layers below. Then you can delete it and click on Addoverlay to add and edit the effect in the same way as you did before.

13. If you want to save the video, click on the option in the top right and then click on Export. Then your video will be saved.

Can I do video editing with any other application instead of the Capcut app?

Capcut – Free video editor

In addition to Capcut, it is another powerful video editing app that many YouTubers use. With this app you can add titles to your videos, add music, add effects, cut videos, do video trimming and many more editing through these apps.

You can also save video on your mobile by using different effects.

Finally Summery

With the help of Capcut app you can easily change the background using the cloud effect. You can also learn more about how to change the background with the help of cloud effects by following the video tutorial given in the post above.


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