Add auto velocity capcut App | How to use auto velocity on Capcut video

What is Auto Velocity Capcut features?

Auto velocity Capcut  : Capcut is one of the best video online video editor app for every mobile application. Capcut Pro has more features, recently add auto velocity Capcut video editing features.

Auto velocity Capcut which has amazing features. Firstly it customize video layer speed and slow at the same time with automatic features is called Auto Velocity Capcut video editing.

Its a new features for every capcut users. Anyone can easily customize there video besides its try to increase popularity for users. Auto Velocity Capcut best features.

If you want to use Auto Velocity Capcut features.

So, you want to download capcut new Update version.  If you already download capcut App. So you open the app on your play console. Then update the Capcut App.

How to find and use Auto Velocity Capcut?

Auto velocity Capcut this feature does not fine in a sitting option. You have to sittings on your video and it just need it to adjustment on your video layer add sounds.

So, firstly you have to find a song or music which beats you would like to optimize with the same of video seconds. You like to be customize bearts with video sound of the video.

After being given the auto velocity effect on this video. Then you will fine the special things of the video.

How to find a song for Auto Velocity Capcut Effects?

Don\’t worry. You don\’t need remembering a song for Auto Velocity Capcut features. In this article and Auto Velocity Capcut tutorial i will share with you a best Auto Velocity song. So that you wil make a velocity videos using Auto velocity Capcut features.

What is the length of the video song?

As your wish. You can use anytype length of song for making Auto Velocity Videos. But i will share a song for make a Auto Velocity Capcut Video. And the length of the video of 9 second. You you can change the length of the video like your suitable trim of the length. Below the download link here.

DownloadVelocity Song

What i do fast for velocity video capcut?

You have to update your capcut app. Its have to latest version. If you do not download the Capcut App. Below the Link here:

Download NOW Capcut Pro

Now Let\’s Learn how to add song and how to use Velocity Capcut Features. Then you will make a Amazing video for your viewers and Supporters.

Then you will promote your self. Sometimes your video will be viral on social media. So you have to learn about of auto velocity Capcut video.

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