Birth Registration Online Application 2022. Birth Registration Amendment

Birth Registration Online: If you are a citizen of Bangladesh then it is very important that you have a birth registration card. The use of birth registration also plays an important role in getting various benefits to a citizen. At present there is no need to waste time standing in line at the office for birth registration.

Now you can apply for birth registration online. Again, there are many errors in the birth registration certificate which need to be corrected later.
So today you can read the details of birth registration online application 2022 and how to correct birth registration by reading this article.

What is Online birth registration

In a word, birth registration is the first name written in the official register after birth. A birth certificate is a birth certificate that contains all the necessary information about a person\’s birth (name, gender, date of birth, parent\’s name, permanent address), etc. So, those of you who do not have a birth registration certificate can download an online copy of their birth registration online from home.

Birth Registration Online Application 2022

At present, you do not have to fill up the birth registration form by hand, but you have to apply online and then submit the completed form along with the required documents to the nearest local government office.

If you want to apply for birth registration online, you need to go to the Birth and Death Registration website of the Government of Bangladesh. Then you have to select the local government office to collect the birth registration certificate. You can get the certificate from your place of birth, permanent address or current address.


Official Website-

The next step will be to give the name and address of the candidate and the information of the parents. If the candidate was born before 2001, only the parents have to give their names. Otherwise the parents have to give the national identity card number. Finally, the phone number of the candidate should be given where the message regarding the application for birth certificate will come.

Once the online application is completed, the received application form has to be downloaded and printed. The required documents must then be attached to the nearest local government office and submitted within a maximum of 15 working days along with the birth registration fee.

At the time of submission, the officer in charge will keep the office copy and give a customer copy. When the birth certificate confirmation message finally arrives on the mobile, the customer has to take the copy with him on the day of taking the certificate.

An application ID is given after completing the online application. By providing this IDT and date of birth of the candidate, the current status of the birth registration application can be known online.

Download birth registration online copy

Those of you who want to collect online copy of your birth registration at home can do so by following this rule.

However, before collecting the birth registration online copy, you must register your birth registration certificate online or if you have created your birth registration certificate from your nearest union council or municipality, then you can use this method to make online copy of birth registration certificate online at home. Can download.

Procedure for correcting birth registration

First of all you need to make sure that your birth certificate is registered online for online birth registration correction. If not, you need to register your birth online.

To correct the birth registration certificate information one has to enter the application section for correcting the birth information of the same website. First you will see two empty boxes with correction instructions.

In the first one you have to give the birth registration number of 18 numbers mentioned in the birth registration certificate and in the second you have to give the date of birth. Then after displaying the captcha and filling it, all the information related to the birth certificate of the person registered in the server can be seen. Here the application can be made through necessary corrections of information.

Once the application is completed, the completed form along with the required documents should be submitted to the concerned City Corporation / Municipality / Union Paris had office. Although 10 to 15 working days are mentioned here, it may take longer to get the revised birth certificate.

How much does it cost to correct birth registration?

If you want to correct your date of birth in the Birth Registration Amendment Certificate, you will have to pay a fee of Rs. 100 as per the official rules. And if you want to change the name of your parents, you have to pay a fee of 50 rupees.

However, in many places even more money is taken to amend the birth registration. If you are charged extra, you can report it to your nearest police station.

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