Apple Confirms Fatal iPhone 15 Wireless Charging Bug, BMW & Toyota

Apple has acknowledged a significant issue involving the NFC sensor in the iPhone 15 when it is charged with a wireless charger in specific car models. This problem was brought to Apple’s attention after BMW owners reported difficulties with Apple Pay on their iPhone 15 devices. Initially, it was believed that the wireless charger was to blame, as it caused the device to overheat, leading it to enter recovery mode.


Apple Confirms Fatal iPhone 15 Wireless

Affected customers experiencing overheating problems with their iPhone 15 devices contacted Apple, and some were provided with replacement units without further inquiry. However, rebooting the iPhone 15 out of recovery mode resulted in the NFC chip being permanently damaged, rendering any features reliant on the sensor, such as Apple Pay and digital car keys, inaccessible.


BMW & Toyota

Apple’s internal memo indicates that only a small number of wireless phone chargers, typically found in BMW and Toyota Supra models, are known to cause such issues. The company asserts that it temporarily disables the NFC functionality, suggesting that a repair is still conceivable. Technicians are directed to attempt software solutions using Apple Service Toolkit 2. If these efforts are unsuccessful, a hardware fix becomes the sole option.



Apple is already planning a software update to address the glitch, although the approach it will take remains unclear. The memo advises iPhone 15 users who own potentially problematic car models to avoid using the in-car wireless charger as a preventative measure against the bug and the potential damage to the NFC sensor.



This update is expected to be released in the upcoming weeks, as iOS 17.1, which has just been shipped, does not incorporate the fix. Consequently, it is anticipated that Apple will include the patch in the next operating system update scheduled for November or early December.



Meanwhile, individuals who possess a BMW or Toyota Supra with a wireless charger are advised to refrain from wirelessly charging their iPhone 15 while driving. Utilizing the wired charging option is recommended as a safer alternative until Apple issues a resolution.



If iPhone owners are uncertain whether their device is affected by the bug following wireless charging in a BMW or Toyota Supra, they may encounter an error message stating, “Could not set up Apple Pay. An error occurred while setting up Apple Pay.” This error message may appear even if Apple Pay has already been configured, which is an unusual occurrence.

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