Alight Motion App HDR & Brown Color video editing Tutorial

Alight Motion App – HDR & Brown Colour video editing Tutorial

Hello guys, In this tutorial, we will show you Alight Motion App is one of the Video editing apps. In this tutorial, you can learn how to move a normal video to Alight Motion HDR effects with Brown Colour. Besides we will give you a video tutorial about Alight Motion new HDR & Brown Colour video editing tutorial.

Alight Motion App HDR & Brown Colour video editing is very cool video editing. Get more traffic into your video videos by using these HDR & Brown Colour effects. You can use it in every one of your videos. And also can use it to affect your own videos.


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Alight Motion App HDR & Brown Colour Tutorial

Alight Motion App HDR & Brown Colour video editing is now a trending video editing everywhere. It\’s edited by Alight Motion App. By using the Alight Motion, you can make the best video for your social friends and get more likes and comments. It\’s very nice and has the best video editing. Anyone can make this type of video by following some steps. So let\’s try to read the full article. Also, try it with us following the steps.

  • Firstly download the Alight Motion Latest AppClick Here to Download. If you already downloaded this application, that\’s very good.
  • Secondly, Install this Alight Motion App and Open this app. So, you will show an Alight Motion App Home interface. And Open an Alight Motion app.


When opening the Alight Motion App. After below you will see a Plus Icon ( + ). Click here the Plus icon. Then show a pop-up page.


On The Popup page of the Alight Motion App, you need to change some with step requirements.



  • Selection of a Video layer Size. Alight Motion App video layer size Like as 16:9, 9:16, 4:5, 1:1, 4:3, and Others you can customise.
  • Next step you can change the Alight Motion app video Resolution of your choice. 1080p video Resolution is best for Video Quality. I highly recommend it to choose it.
  • The Frame Rate is also shown here. You try to Select 30 fps Alight Motion Frame Rate. It\’s better for your video quality.
  • Next, another option is Background. Select the Light Grey option.
  • After above the all process is completed. Click here the CREATE PROJECT.


So your video template is ready. Now we will design our Video Clip. Alight Motion is a good video editing app for most trending viral videos and making short videos using Alight Motion for youtube and other social media.


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CREATE PROJECT with Alight Motion HDR And Brown Colour.

After clicking the CREATE PROJECT of Alight Motion App. So open a new video editing interface. See the bottom right side, you will show a Plus Icon ( + ). Click – Plus Icon, then click Media.

This time open your gallery. Now you select a video from your gallery, which video you need to edit for sharing with your friend by using Alight Motion App. So let\’s try it. Select a video from the gallery and Click Top Right Plus Icon ( + ). Our video selection process is complete. After some seconds you can see that your video will be added in the Alight Motion App Video editing Template. At this time, you can edit this video by Alight Motion.


How to edit video layer Brown Colour By Alight Motion App.

  • Firstly, select the video layer.
  • Click here the Effects
  • Add Effects
  • Scroll down and click – Other.
  • And select the First effects. Name ( Channel Remap HSV )
  • Then show another popup and Click – Standard Settings
  • After clicking Standard Setting, then show a Channel Remap HSV option.
  • Change the first option to A.

Now our video moves to Brown Colour – Alight Motion effects.


How to use Alight Motion- Brown Colour effects


  • Open Alight Motion App
  • Firstly, select the video layer.
  • Click here the Effects
  • Add Effects
  • Top Right corner you can show a Search Icon. click here.
  • Search- Saturation / Vibrance and Click here
  • Then show another popup and Click – Standard Settings
  • Then Saturation / Vibranbrance.
  • Now you can customise Saturation / Vibrance – click the 3 dot menu.
  • Decrease the Saturation Increase the Vibrance of your video quality and Do the Brown Colour Alight Motion effects.


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How to use Alight Motion – HDR effects for video editing.


  • Open Alight Motion App
  • First Click – Plus Icon ( + )
  • Then select a square shape. And Fit with a video layer screen.
  • Click- Color & Fill.
  • Select Green Color.
  • Then beck. And click – Blending & Opacity.
  • Scroll down and click – Difference.
  • Select Subtract. And click the back button
  • Click the back button. Then Click – Effects.
  • Add effects.
  • Top Right corner you can show a Search Icon. click here.
  • Search- Copy Background.
  • Standard Setting – no change and back.
  • Again click – Effect – Add Effect.
  • Search Icon and Search- Gaussian Blur.
  • Standard Setting- Click Gaussian Blur 3 dot menu.
  • And Increase Gaussian Blur Strength 0.200
  • Affect- Add Effect and Search- Exposure / Gamma.
  • Stander Setting – Click Exposure / Gamma 3dot Menu.
  • Exposure – ( -1 )
  • Back and Done It.


New Shape of Alight Motion App HDR effects.


  • Plus icon and Create a Square Shape and Make it Full Screen.
  • Click – Color & Fill. Select White Color.
  • Back and Click Blending & Opacity.
  • And Contrast make ( Overlay)
  • Now you can see. Your video Layer is HDR Effects on.


How to Customise Alight Motion HDR Effects increase and decrease

  • Main of Video Layer
  • Effect – and go Gaussian Blue
  • Now you can customise your HDR Effect.


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How to Add Snow Overlay in Alight Motion App video editing


  • Download Snow Overlay
  • And Add It full screen on Video Layer. ( Fill Composition Area)
  • Then Click – Blending & Opacity.
  • Lighten – And Make it screen.


If you face any problem. Feel free to comments here.

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