What is Feature Requests? Top 7 Tips to Manage Feature Requests

Top 7 Tips to Manage Feature Requests: When your product grows in popularity and your product is more successful, the amount of feedback you get and the amount of communication you\’ve with your customers will undoubtedly rise. The feedback you receive can range from general complaints like \”your product is too difficult\” to positive ideas like \”can you improve the look of your product?\” to specific feature requests such as \”please connect with our task management software.\”

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Requests for feature requests are specific suggestions that a client can submit to the company, asking for something they think could improve the product. The next question is how you do about all these requests. How do you deal with them, and what percentage do you actually convert into elements?

The benefits and drawbacks of feature requests

One of the main difficulties in feature requests is they tend to be specifically targeted to the individual who requested it. While one company may gain from integration, it is important to consider what benefits it will bring to most users as well as the entire product. While feature requests may seem like a burden, if they are properly managed, they can have a beneficial impact on your product as well as your relationship with your customers.

If you decide to put the idea to develop in the event that you can respond to the request, you\’ll have strengthened your relationship with customers. Also, it is a good idea to respond if you are requesting something you\’d never considered before and is perfectly in line with your goals for the product and strategies; it may result in a significant improvement to your product.


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What is the source of feature requests originate from?

Before we go into the best methods to handle them, it\’s important to look at the various types of feature requests since you can\’t always respond to each request in an exact manner to all requests. While the product manager occasionally has direct contact with customers, the majority of the time, the customer support team is accountable for communicating with customers and responding to them at the very least.

Customer service representatives typically review the request for a feature and then send it to the team in charge of the product for consideration. It could come as an email sent regularly or a post to forums, or an idea platform.

The majority of requests will be from current customers who have noticed something that could make the product better or things they require. They can be considered and developed if they\’re worth the effort.

In addition, there are many SaaS companies that will actually make a commitment to developing certain features prior to signing a large agreement with a new client. In these instances, the product manager could be forced to include the feature demand into their plan of action.

However, this doesn\’t mean it shouldn\’t be addressed by imagining a new way – the objective is to always create features that benefit everyone instead of just one particular customer.


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What are the different kinds of feature requests?

All feature requests are not identical. Therefore it is crucial to distinguish between them to be able to handle the requests.

The different kinds comprise:

  • Bug reports are when customers notice an issue with your product.
  • Features improvements Ideas for improvements that can make a feature better.
  • Absolutely new features Ideas for completely new features that could add to the product.



The Top 7 Tips for Handling Feature Requests

With the dangers they cause, it\’s not simple to decide what to do with feature requests. This is why we have put together our top suggestions to aid you in staying clear of being overwhelmed.

1. Place everything together

The most crucial aspect in managing the requests for the feature is organizing. If you\’re running a messy system, it will be difficult to keep track of the various ideas and feedback from your customers.

One of the best methods to achieve this is to utilize dedicated software for managing your product, such as feedsocio which streamlines the entire product plan process. It is then possible to take every suggestion for a feature, upload it into your ideas portal, and connect the relevant suggestions to the features listed in the list of features.

2. Create a system to receive as well as manage requests for feature enhancements

Your customers will feel more comfortable submitting their suggestions and feature requests if there is an easy way to reach you. In the past, it was necessary to write an email and hope that it was received and passed on to the correct person.

With the rise of popular products management software such as feedsocio and Crafter, product teams are able to establish a central location in which users can share their ideas and request. Feedsocio\’s Idea Portal, for example, can be utilized to collect, categorize, and respond to requests for features. It allows the client to make requests and also for other users to vote and comment on the requests.

3. Respond to your needs – promptly, personally, and with integrity

A major and irritating thing that could happen to a client when they make an inquiry for a feature is that it\’s neglected, or they are sent an email with a standard response. Instead of sending automated responses, it\’s worth the time to reply directly. If you let the client know that you\’re keen to hear their feedback, they\’ll be much happier when they use your product.

It is equally important to be sincere in your response. It is not a good idea to tell the customer that you\’ll be considering the request if there is no intention of doing this. The best approach is to state that the request doesn\’t align with your strategy or plan and inform them about which direction you\’re taking them. People will likely react positively to a genuine reply.


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4. Prioritize and categorize the requests.

If you\’re going to handle a huge number of requests, it\’s important to classify them. Utilizing a tool such as Feedsocio\’s Idea Portal, it is easy to categorize and label requests and concepts. It is possible to assign each an importance rating, such as \”Critical\” and \”Nice for having,\” and then decide which ideas you\’d like to turn into actual elements.

The next step is to determine the order of priority. Add the features you\’re planning to build into your backlog and arrange it in the order in which they should be placed in importance. Feedsocio\’s feature lists are completely customizable and interactive, so you can include as many custom fields you\’d like and then arrange or sort the feature list using these fields.

Prioritizing and categorizing features, consider the impact that the feature will have on the users. Does it resolve a problem users are currently facing, or can it inspire more users to sign up and utilize the service? You should also compare the request to the goals and initiatives on your plan. Does it match with the plan you\’ve established?

5. Discuss the needs with your colleagues and customers.

In your role as the manager of products, you are the one with the final say in the products that get developed and what isn\’t. However, there\’s no reason to let your personal ego hinder your progress. It is crucial to consider different perspectives, even if you believe something is extremely beneficial. Therefore, it\’s definitely worthwhile discussing your ideas with colleagues and getting the opinions of your customers prior to proceeding in the development process. If you find that other customers are enthusiastic about the concept, then you\’re likely to win. If the majority of people oppose it, then look at removing it and moving to other ideas.


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6. Keep in touch with your customers

Even if you\’ve issued the first response, it\’s an excellent idea to keep in contact with your clients and inform them about any developments. For instance, if the feature is still in the backlog and you\’re planning to work on it in the next quarter, inform them of the backlog. It is always a good aspect. However, it\’s essential not to make commitments or make promises in the absence of a guarantee that you can absolutely achieve the requirements.

7. Create a public roadmap to let your customers are aware of what you\’re working on

Feedsocio roadmap tool is an excellent communication tool. If you make an open roadmap, your customers will know where the product is going. In comparison, it\’s best not to make too explicit the features you plan to develop and when they will be released, but you could set out general goals and projects. This will also help customers to submit more targeted requests that are in line with your objectives, rather than random thoughts that result in an overflow.

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